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Content Moderation and Live Streaming Services


In recent years, the demand for live streaming and user-generated content has surged, making content moderation a critical aspect of maintaining a positive online community. Our agency aims to provide comprehensive content moderation services for live streaming platforms, social media, and other online platforms.


The primary objective of our agency is to deliver high-quality content moderation services for live streaming platforms. We aim to create a secure and positive online environment by actively monitoring and moderating user-generated content.

Scope of Services:

   Live Content Moderation:

      •Real-time monitoring of live streams to identify and remove inappropriate content.

      •Enforcing community guidelines to maintain a safe and welcoming platform.

      •Addressing user reports promptly and efficiently.

      •Interaction with the audience for user engagement.

  Social Media Moderation:

    •24/7 monitoring of user-generated content.

    •Community management and fostering positive interactions.

    •Crisis management in case of emergent issues.

  Pre-recorded Content Moderation:

    •Thorough review of pre-recorded content for compliance with platform policies.

    •Utilization of manual moderation techniques for nuanced content evaluation.

    •Implementation of content filtering tools to enhance efficiency.

  User Engagement:

    • Responding to user inquiries and concerns related to content moderation.

    • Facilitating positive interactions within the community.

    • Encouraging user feedback for continuous improvement.

Team Expertise:

Our team consists of experienced content moderators with proven track records in diverse online environments. The team brings expertise in areas such as community management, crisis resolution, and cultural sensitivity, ensuring a comprehensive approach to content moderation.

What We Do:

Content Moderation We moderate all types of content to keep your social media pages, blogs, & website safe & engaging for every user. Our Team does Real-time content review to filter unwanted content such as spam, indecent photos, profanity, and illegal content. 

Image ModerationClevora is a trusted content moderation expert, offering efficient and cost-effective image moderation services 24/7. Our Image Moderators are committed to keep your reputation clean and your online properties safe for your customers.

Content Editing : Our Team detects and corrects errors on word usage, spelling, grammar, syntax, and style. We make your content perfect & documents to help you maintain accuracy and professionalism.

Content Tagging and Categorization : Tagging the content in the right category is always important to let the visitors know about the purpose of the content. Even if you have tens of thousands of products that need tagging and categorization, our data-driven workforce at Clevora can help with this repetitive and time-consuming task.

Moderate user comments on news websites and online forums : If you need help with moderating user comments and posts on your website and forum, trust the professional workforce of Clevora to handle all the hard work for you. Our expert content moderators are ready to help protect your brand by maintaining a safe environment for your website readers and followers.

Language Proficiency:

Moderators with proficiency in multiple languages contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of user-generated content. Language expertise aids in accurately interpreting and contextualizing content, reducing the likelihood of misjudgments in a multilingual online environment. 


Our content moderation approach will combine manual review processes with advanced technologies to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Although this proposal does not incorporate AI, our experienced moderation team will utilize industry-best practices and tools to deliver effective moderation services.


Our team consists of seasoned professionals with a proven track record in content moderation. Members of our team have previously worked with leading live streaming and content reviewing platforms like ShareIt, StarMaker, KafuLive, LiveMe, Hago and managing moderation tasks efficiently.

Our experience includes:

•Moderation of diverse content types, including gaming, entertainment, and educational streams.

•Handling high-traffic live events with a focus on real-time moderation.

•Collaborating with platform administrators to tailor moderation strategies based on community dynamics.


The project will be executed in phases, with an initial setup period followed by continuous monitoring and improvement cycles. The timeline is flexible, allowing for adjustments based on the evolving needs of the platform.

Client Benefits:

Human Touch: Our human-centric approach ensures a nuanced understanding of context, reducing the risk of false positives and negatives.

Customization: Tailored moderation solutions that align with the unique needs and values of each platform.

Scalability: The ability to scale moderation efforts based on the growth of the platform or changes in user behavior. 


By choosing our Content Moderation and Live Streaming Agency, you are selecting a team with a proven history of delivering effective moderation services. We are committed to fostering a safe and enjoyable online experience for users, and we look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the success of your live streaming platform. Thank you for considering our proposal. We are available for further discussions and are eager to embark on this exciting venture together.

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